Dr Nigel Patton

Dr Nigel Patton

Consultant Haematologist


Consultant Haematologist at St George’s Cancer Care Centre since 2017.

Nigel graduated from the University of Edinburgh, and holds an Honours degree in Bacteriology, as well as Bachelor and Doctoral degrees in Medicine. He has held research fellow and university lecturer positions at the University of Birmingham and also Public Teaching Hospital Specialist Haematologist positions in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Nigel has been the lead clinician of the adult bone marrow transplant programmes at both Christchurch and Auckland Hospitals.

In addition to his role at St George’s Cancer Care Centre, Nigel currently has a part-time contract appointment at Christchurch Hospital, and has also performed short-term contract appointments elsewhere in Australasia. Nigel also serves on advisory specialist committees for the New Zealand Pharmaceutical agency, Pharmac.

He holds fellowships of the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Pathologists of London and of the respective colleges in Australasia.

“I am passionate about gaining access to new therapies for patients through the conduct of clinical trials and introducing new best practice at the earliest opportunity. What I like about working with St George’s Cancer Care Centre is the opportunity it provides to integrate public and private care most effectively and efficiently.”

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