Oncologist & Haematologist Consultations

A diagnosis of cancer can seem overwhelming. Being prepared for your appointment with your oncologist or haematologist can make the process easier.

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Patients are partnered with a doctor based on their type of cancer and proposed treatment. Your doctor will work with you to ensure you have access to world class treatment and the highest level of care.

Oncologist & haematologist consultations

The first appointment (referred to as a FSA - first specialist appointment) is approximately 1 hour. During this time, the oncologist or haematologist will review your medical history, including any tests, scans and treatments you have had. You will be able to tell the doctor your story; this is an important time for both patients and specialists to get to know each other. This information will help the oncologist or haematologist develop a treatment plan with you.

It is helpful to bring someone with you to the appointment, they may remember things that you forget to tell the doctor, they can also take notes and be there for emotional support.

The doctor may need to perform a physical examination, the extent of this will depend on your type of cancer.

While you are on treatment your doctor will see you at regular intervals to check how you are managing on treatment (referred to as an on treatment review).  

On completion of treatment, your doctor may organise follow up appointments or refer you onto a different specialist for further treatment and/or monitoring.

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