Why Choose Us

Why choose us

We truly care about our patients.

At St George's Cancer Care Centre we take time to understand what matters to you and your whanau.

We provide our patients with high quality evidence based treatment and care in a timely fashion.

Our Mission Statement

To provide integrated cancer treatment services of the highest quality within a culture of caring

Our Vision

St George’s Cancer Care Centre aims to be recognised as “The South Island Centre of Excellence” for cancer services.
Caring to be the best- Where patients choose to be treated and where people choose to work

Our Values

We Care for our patients and their families/whanau by:

  • taking time to listen
  • asking what matters to them
  • demonstrating empathy and support
  • providing timely care
  • providing information
  • providing individualised care
  • providing follow up care
  • ensuring a multidisciplinary approach to care

We Care for each other by:

  • helping each other
  • working together as a team
  • having a positive attitude
  • being honest
  • demonstrating tolerance to others
  • appreciating each other’s talents
  • using humour
  • being supportive and encouraging
  • promoting an inclusive environment
  • being respectful
  • embracing feedback
  • communicating effectively
  • showing professionalism
  • sharing

We Care for our business by:

  • aligning with our mission vision and values
  • understanding our business
  • always giving 100%
  • promoting our business
  • respecting our resources
  • being accountable
  • ensuring sustainability of the business
  • collaborating with others
  • using efficient and cost effective practices
  • developing our business

We Care for Quality by:

  • delivering ethically sound practice
  • a commitment to audit
  • contributing to knowledge through research and innovation
  • providing evidence based treatment and care
  • providing high quality treatment

Minimal wait times to see an oncologist

Access to cancer treatments not available at public hospitals

A multidisciplinary team of world class cancer specialists

Personalised care and support for your cancer journey

Innovative treatment using cutting edge equipment and protocols

Beautiful facilities for comfort and convenience including free parking

“Our expert, empathetic team works hard to provide the best possible outcomes for each individual patient.
We are passionate about investing in educational and technology advances
for the betterment of anyone who is affected by cancer.”

- Viv Ali, St George’s Cancer Care Centre Practice Manager