Dietary Consultations

Dietary consultations

Nutrition plays an important role in the management of cancer, and our dietitian is available to discuss specific needs for your treatment. Our dietitian is a specialist in the area of cancer treatment so you will know that you are talking to an expert.

Eating well can positively influence and support cancer treatment. Food and nutrition are important parts of any successful cancer treatment. Nutrients support the growth of healthy cells in your body, and help maintain your energy and strength levels.

Nutrition priorities during cancer treatment are

  • To prevent weight loss, even if you are overweight
  • To maintain muscle mass
  • To prevent unintentional weight gain, particularly for hormonal cancers such as prostate or breast cancer or if you are using high-dose steroids over long periods of time


People with cancer may find their appetite and food preferences are affected by their treatment making it difficult to meet nutritional needs. A registered dietitian can help maximise your cancer treatment by individualising a nutrition plan for you based on the type of treatment you require, and will also consider your food preferences, symptoms, lifestyle, beliefs and concerns. Once cancer treatment is complete, keeping a healthy diet will help your body heal and offer protective effects for the future. Following a healthy eating plan can help reduce your risk of other chronic diseases.