Patient Journey

My cancer journey

A diagnosis of cancer can be stressful. We strive to make your journey as supportive and easy as possible.


I've been diagnosed with cancer

Choose a treatment facility

As the largest private cancer care service in the South Island, we provide patients with another choice outside of the public system for cancer treatment, notably offering shorter waiting times, access to non-pharmac funded drugs and advanced treatments.

Our highly respected oncologists are responsible for creating a personalised care plan for each patient referred, and work together with a team of other specialists to provide the best possible care.

Ask your GP or medical specialist to refer you to St George’s Cancer Care.

Once you’ve been referred to St George’s Cancer Care, we will provide you with an appointment for a consultation with a specialist.

Preparing for my first consultation

For your first visit to St George’s Cancer Care, you will need to complete some registration information. These forms can be emailed or mailed to you ahead of your appointment, or you can complete them when you arrive for your appointment.

Your first consultation will typically last an hour or more.
It is a good idea to bring a support person and a list of questions you might have to the consultation.

Your oncologist will explain the nature of your illness and talk through recommended treatment options, and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

During my treatment

Seeing the wider specialist team

Cancer treatment requires a combination of services to provide you with the best outcomes.
In this case you will be referred to other specialists within our service, including e a clinical psychologist/counsellor, dietitian, speech language therapist and physiotherapist.

Emotional support for me and my whanau

Our clinical psychologists/counsellor are here to help you. They can provide support to you and your family during your cancer journey.

Specialised wellness classes

As a St George’s Cancer Care patient, you have access to specialised cancer wellness programmes run by our team. This includes yoga, mindfulness and exercise classes.

After my treatment

Follow up is a very important part of care. Your treatment team will discuss your appropriate follow up care. 
This will include appointments with your oncologist and other specialists within our team. You can contact us anytime.