Paying for treatment

The total cost of your treatment will be determined by your treatment plan. After your first consultation, you will be given an indication of the treatment costs required.

For more details on the invoicing process, please refer to this guide.

Please feel free to contact our Administration team if you have any other questions about treatment costs, insurance claims and payments.

Telephone: 03 375 6100

Non-PHARMAC funded drugs costs

Every health insurance policy has specific terms and conditions prescribing the level of cancer treatment cover.

Many newer medications are not yet PHARMAC-funded, or are only funded for some cancers, even though the drug may be MEDSAFE indicated for your cancer. If it is not PHARMAC funded, most insurers will not cover the cost of the drug. However, this varies between insurers and individual policies.

Insurance will usually cover the cost of the administration, care and clinic appointments once a treatment plan has begun. Any imaging (CT scans, MRIs, PET CTs, plain X-rays, etc.) required throughout the treatment plan must also be undertaken within the private sector. We are not permitted to order these investigations through the DHB in this setting.

You will have very detailed discussions with your oncologist and a nurse determining the cost, so the true costs are clear before starting treatment with an unfunded medication.