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New clinics open now in Dunedin and Queenstown

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With the introduction of regular clinics in both Queenstown and Dunedin, St George’s Cancer Care Centre now provides up-to-the-minute care and world-leading treatment options to patients in the south.

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Faster, easier cancer care is now closer for you and your family.

Our new clinics ensure patients can attend consultations and review treatment plans with expert oncologists closer to home—and enables greater access to the innovative technology in St George’s Cancer Care Centre’s purpose-built Christchurch facility.

With this specialist care now easily accessible, travel time and stress can be kept to a minimum. For Otago and Southland patients, these new clinics can be life changing.

Home to NZ’s first MR Linac, innovative cancer treatment tech.

Patients can benefit from NZ’s only MRI guided Linear Accelerator (MR Linac)—one of the most promising recent advancements in radiation therapy practices.

Delivering adaptable targeted radiation treatment using real-time MRI, this technology is ground-breaking for treating specific cancers.

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Why St George’s
Cancer Care?

  • World-class treatment, tailored for you, right at your doorstep.
  • Reduced commutes to Christchurch with the convenience of local appointments.
  • Access to groundbreaking MR Linac technology and treatments.
  • Emphasis on patient comfort, minimised stress, and holistic care.
  • Strong family support system with reduced travel requirements.

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