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Physical fitness prior to, during and after treatment is an important part of your overall well-being.

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We believe that patients achieve the best outcome from their cancer treatment by engaging in physical activity and maintaining their overall wellbeing pre, post and during treatment. Our physiotherapists specialise in oncology and will work with you to create an individualised and appropriate exercise plan to keep you moving through your cancer journey.


Maintaining physical fitness prior to, during, and after treatment is an important part of improving your wellbeing. Our team of qualified physiotherapists specialize in oncology and understand the importance restoring and improving movement and function. They tailor exercise and movement plans to the individual needs of our patients.

Group fitness classes are also available for patients. These classes are led by a specialist therapist experienced in supporting patients with cancer. They provide a safe and appropriate environment for patients to interact with others who are on a similar journey whilst enjoying the opportunity to be active.

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