COVID-19 Life at orange

For Information on COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

Protection Framework- Life at Orange

As at 11:59pm on Thursday 2 December 2021, all of the South Island moved to the Protection Framework (Traffic Light Setting- Orange) and St George's Cancer Care Centre will be operating under those protocols.


Please do not visit if:

You are feeling unwell, or

Had any potential recent exposure to COVID-19

If you answered yes to any of the above and are scheduled to come to St George’s Cancer Care Centre for an appointment, please contact St George’s Cancer Care Centre immediately on 03 375 6100.



Please check in at reception when you arrive at St George’s Cancer Care Care using the Ministry of Health’s NZ COVID-19 Tracer App or alternatively sign in. This is to help you record where you have been and is mandatory.

You will be screened by reception team prior to treatment or consultation.

It is mandatory to wear a mask when entering our centre and 2m physical distancing is observed where appropriate.

A support person may accompany you to your appointment for consultations only if necessary. They will be required to register their details either via the COVID-19 Tracer App or by signing in at Reception. If they are feeling unwell they will not be allowed entry. 


Hand sanitiser is available throughout the Hospital for your use


COVID Vaccine Information:

We will be following the Ministry of Health guidelines regarding populations for vaccination. For patients on chemotherapy treatment we will need to work around treatment dates as this may impact the efficacy of the vaccine.

If you are currently receiving chemotherapy please let us know when you are notified of a vaccine date from your GP.

Please note we will not be giving the vaccines at the Cancer Care Centre as these are managed through the community.



Vaccine Third Dose (this is not a booster) for the immunocompromised applies to:
1. All patients who had chemotherapy since Sept 2020 (6m before the first vaccinations in NZ)
2. Haematological indications relevant to Oncology 
  1. Clinically aggressive lymphomas (including Hodgkin’s lymphoma) who were under treatment or within 12 months of achieving cure. 
  2. Patients under follow up for chronic lymphoproliferative disorders including indolent lymphoma, CLL 
  3. Those who were receiving or had received rituximab in the previous six months
3. Patients who have been on steroids for more than a week in the 3 months BEFORE any vaccine dose (on steroids while they had a vaccination). See the full criteria in the MoH document.

4. Patients who had radiation therapy that lowered their immune system in the 6 months before they were vaccinated are eligible for a third COVID vaccine dose. This dose can be given from 8 weeks after your second COVID vaccination. If this applies to you, please see your GP to sign a consent form and get a prescription for this dose.

If you fit into these categories, please contact your primary care provider who will facilitate you accessing your third dose.

For more information please visit the Ministry of Health and Cancer Control Agency (Te Aho o Te Kahu) webpages.

MoH locations of interest – click here for the latest information/list

The Unite against COVID-19 webpage